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Boarding at Trent means access to a vibrant community of over 130 students from over 20 different countries.

Our students tell us they gain these benefits from living in our boarding houses:

  • Less travelling time and more time for work and leisure
  • Care and warmth from staff
  • New friends
  • An appreciation of other cultures
  •  (For Sixth Form boarders) a step towards the independence they will have at university or in future life.

Boarding develops confidence, independence, social skills, positive thinking, respect for others and a sense of responsibility for the welfare of the community.

Boarders make strong friendships upon whom they can depend for support when life, as it can, becomes demanding. All of this provides excellent preparation for the different demands that will be made of those who move away from home.

Our extensive grounds offer the space, beauty and scope for recreation; the boarding houses complement that with warmth, care and a place that feels like home.

Types of Boarding

Pupils board at Trent College from Year 7 all the way through to Year 13 creating a family feel to our boarding community. Pupils can board with us in a number of ways dependant on family circumstances:

  • Full Boarder: Pupils live at Trent 7 days per week during term time, only going home to parents or guardians for exeats, holidays and other special occasions.
  • Weekly Boarder: Pupils live at Trent from Sunday evening (or Monday morning) going home at weekends after Saturday school/commitments. Lower School boarders are free to leave after lessons on a Friday.
  • Flexible Boarder: Space permitting, pupils may elect to regularly spend the same 2 to 4 week nights as boarders

If you are interested in finding more about boarding or taking part in some ‘trial boarding’ at Trent College please contact for further information.

The schedule for boarding pupils

Week Days
07.40 - 08.10   Breakfast in the Obolensky Dining Hall
08.30   Registration with tutor group then lessons
17.30   Boarders' Supper
18.20   Registration by Duty Tutor in the boarding houses
18.30   Supervised prep in the House, Library or Sixth Form Centre
20.00   Free time or house activities

Morning Lessons for Year 9-13 then afternoon sports fixtures or free time. Younger boarders have an array of exciting activities along with free time after a busy week. Evening activities include  ten pin bowling, cinema, Quasar, BBQs, discos, cookery and a wide variety of sports.

Time for relaxation, study or sport as well as organised fun filled activities such as trips to Harry Potter World, Alton Towers, paintballing, shopping trips and many more.

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